Dramatic Natural-Edge Bowl


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This fun little handcrafted bowl is slightly oval and measures 8.5″ long, 7.75″ wide, and 3.75″ high. The natural bark edge is what you get when you reverse the orientation of the log during turning. It would make a lovely gift or look great on your coffee table or bookshelf.

Any St. Joseph’s University alumni out there? This bowl is made from Korean Evodia (Tetradium daniellii), which is native to Korea and southwestern China. It was salvaged from a specimen that had to be taken down at the Barnes Arboretum at St. Joseph’s University last fall. (Shout out to Barnes Arboretum Head Gardener Jennifer Walker and First State Woodturners for coordinating the efforts to salvage and repurpose this lovely wood!)

This bowl was finished with two coats of a durable oil / vanish blend, and then buffed out with a light coat of Carnauba wax.

Korean Evodia (Tetradium daniellii) is a small, ornamental, deciduous tree which typically grows to 15-25 feet. It is native to Korea and southwestern China.

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